About us

Bali is a spectacular and unforgettable place! With its unique location and varying climates any tourist can find paradise here, but Bali offers something extra special to newlywed couples.

If you dream of a private wedding surrounded by a small group of friends and family that matter most, you can trust it to us. Golden and black beaches, stunning cliffs, and breathtaking waterfalls will become the fairy-tale setting of your most special day, your Bali elopement. 

The joy and wonder Bali has to offer is not just limited to newlyweds: we help couples renew their vows and rededicate themselves to their soulmate with love and intimacy. 

Bali elopement

Many couples that have shared joys and challenges choose to reaffirm their trust and love to one another and there is no better place for such a beautiful gesture than the Island of the Gods.

Or are you looking to surprise the love of your life with a proposal? We can arrange a uniquely stunning event that will leave your other half breathless with joy.

Whatever your romantic ideal, we have the experience, care, and devotion to make your dreams come true on the gorgeous island of Bali. Each customer is special to us – each wedding, vow renewal ceremony, or proposal is a special event that we want our clients to remember for the rest of their lives, reliving all the joy, tears, and hearts filled with love and hope.