Waterfall wedding in Bali

We are first wedding planner in Bali, who have done waterfall wedding. Now this option become so popular, that we have created special package for it


For Waterfall wedding we have 2 options to choose:

  • Giant waterfall for couple and 2 guests
  • Private and cozy waterfall for 2-12 guests
How does it looks like

No words can display emotions and atmospere of waterfall wedding. You can see it in our videos and photos.

  • We offer most “natural” decorations for waterfall with wood and tropical leaves
  • Wedding arch
  • Flower shower
  • Bridal bouqet
  • Altar and wedding pillow
  • Additional floral elements

More info about decorations

Wedding day
  • Obtaining permission for a ceremony
  • Selection of celebrant or priest for wedding ceremony
  • Hairstyle and makeup for bride
  • Personal driver during the day

You can choose photographers and see more photos in our portfolio.


Basic price for waterfall wedding with standart decorations

For an additional fee, you can rent a villa, car or yacht , expand the number of options, for example, by increasing the number of scenery, adding live musicians, ordering a video and a romantic dinner in a restaurant . Please discuss the details of the program with the manager in advance.