Balinese blessing ceremony

This is a special kind of wedding ceremonies held in the Tirtha Empul Temple, built in honor of Lord Vishnu. The temple is located in the central part of the island of Bali, where the oldest underground source constantly renews the pool water inside the temple through twelve fountains intended for ablutions. That is why the name of the temple is translated as “ Temple of Sacred Water


The Tirta Empul temple is located in the jungle, near Ubud, the cultural center of Bali. Usually, the ceremony is held early in the morning, with the participation of one of the temple attendants.

It is believed that the water in the three basins of the temple has a magical healing power. The newlyweds are offered to bathe in the holy sources, after which a ritual service is performed in one of the pavilions of the temple.

How does it looks like

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For the ceremony in the temple, we do not create any special decorations, as the temple itself and its vast territory are the best decoration for connecting loving hearts.

The maximum that you can afford at this ceremony is a bridal bouquet, a necklace of fresh flowers and special sarongs (robes for bathing and service).

  • Obtaining permission to conduct a ceremony
  • Hairstyle and makeup for bride
  • Selection of a bouquet of the bride and sarongs (traditional attire for visiting the temple)
  • Personal driver during the day
At the ceremony

  • Official ceremony in local traditions
  • Making offerings and participating in a traditional ritual
  • Blessing of a Priest
  • Excursion around the temple


Photosession in the temple, in the surrounding jungle and the rice terraces.

Final of the day
  • Presenting the wedding certificate
  • Excursion around Ubud and the surrounding area, transfer by car
  • Romantic dinner for two with a view of the jungle
  • Memorable gift


The total cost of the “Balinese blessing ceremony in Temple”, in accordance with the listed components of the program.

For an additional fee, you can rent a villa, car or yacht , expand the number of options, for example, by increasing the number of scenery, adding live musicians, ordering a video and a romantic dinner in a restaurant . Please discuss the details of the program with the manager in advance.


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