The choice of a place for the future ceremony and the route of the wedding trip is one of the most difficult questions (after the very question of the wedding, of course).

The world is full of options, and the preferences of different people can be very different.

But, nevertheless, there are a number of common criteria on which a significant part of people is oriented when it comes to where to spend this significant day.

Select a location

A significant part of the newlyweds still prefer to celebrate the wedding day in their native cities. But what if you – crazy romance, wanting at least a short time to escape from the usual everyday world?

Then come to mind different options: the sea or mountains, European capitals or exotic countries.

The combination of price and quality

When the solemn date and approximate wishes for the appearance of the place for the wedding are decided, the question arises about the organization of the wedding and the calculation of its cost.

On average, the cost of the wedding today ranges from a minimum of 100 thousand rubles to 1 million.