Wonderful Indonesia

Amazing places for wedding and photoshoot


More than a dozen beautiful beaches were distributed along the coast of the island

For a small wedding or romantic photoshoot you can choose small cozy coves with white sand, this is the long coral beaches with colorful fishing boats, as well as mysterious coasts covered with black sand. The choice is yours!

Выбрать пляж для свадьбы на Бали

Cliff weddings

South of Bali is world famous for 20-30 meters cliff with ocean view

You can enjoy stunning panoramic views, and the waves of the ocean are broken on the foot of the rocks.

Jungle and waterfall

Tropical paradise and power of nature for you

You will never forget the spirit of nature if you get a wedding or photoshoot in tropical jungle or waterfall.

Balinese temples

A mixture of mystical sculptures and ornaments, unique Balinese architecture ...

Here the palaces are surrounded by gardens of unimaginable flowers, and inside they are decorated with ponds with golden fish and lilies.

In the island local residents managed to emphasize their spirituality and closeness with nature.

Villas and chapels

The most stunning villas are ready for your wedding with guests

In case you want to share your special day with friends and get maximum comfort and relaxation – we offer wedding services in the selection and festive decoration of villas and mini-hotels.